Our Story:

I am the proud owner of Music City Cleaners and we have been located at 624 B Jefferson St. for 11 years. We opened our business in 2008 in the middle of a recession because not only did we love the location but we wanted to be a part of the history on Jefferson St. In those 11 years we have sown countless seeds in the community and have helped hundreds of organizations & individuals. In 2017, we decided to make a greater impact by opening a co-working/entrepreneurial hub for small business owners on Jefferson St. We wanted to give everyone hope that they too could open a business and work on their dream.

Our location has been for sale for over 1 year. Our desire is to own the land but the desired asking price has left us in a no-win situation. After pondering over our next move, we decided to create a Fund that not only helps our family Preserve Legacy but countless others.

We are creating the Preservation Fund to protect a key asset in the community. If you look all across the nation there is an uprising of displacement of small businesses. As revitalization takes place in mostly prominently African American communities the cost of everything goes up. Most small business owners can’t afford to pay double the rent or afford to purchase their real estate. This fund will give business owners a fighting chance.

We need your help to spread the Word, Make a Contribution and be apart of the movement. If interested please leave your contact information below for further information.

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