Meet Mr. Mundy

Joshua Mundy is a native Nashvillian whom was inspired at an early age to generate income in very creative ways. His forecasting and visionary skill set has developed him into a serial entrepreneur with the ability to think of an idea or need in the community and quickly take action to set a goal to meet the need.

Joshua Mundy is currently the owner of Music City Cleaners located on Historic Jefferson St at 624b Jefferson; has been in business at that location for over 9 years and has seen the growth in the area first hand. Music City Cleaners is a premier dry cleaners that provides exceptional service to its customers by offering Shirt Service, Dry Cleaning, Free Pick Up & Delivery and much more! The area that he is in is referred to as Germantown and is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city.


We are at our best when we are Learning, Growing, and Winning together.
— JM

In business, he believes you have to weather storms and have foresight to succeed. That philosophy guided him to launch the dry cleaners in the middle of the 08 recession. He is also the owner of ZAM Investments a real estate holding firm and small business investment company. He has used his real estate holdings for community good and launched Fortitude Homes in 2012. The Fortitude Group is a 501c3 organization who provides housing for the homeless as well as individuals with Mental Illness.

Joshua is very passionate about entrepreneurship and believes in empowering and mentoring others in the community. He uses social media to discuss business and gives tips daily. He believes we are at our best when we are Learning, Growing, and Winning together. So, in 2015 he formed a organization called the The Winners Circle. The Winners Circle was formed to bring entrepreneurs together to collaborate, educate, and scale to WIN. He believes in business, we are all in our own individual silos but never come together to share best practices or shorten the learning curve for one another.

On any given day he is managing several projects i.e real estate, to the dry cleaners, to several start ups and now to his newest babies TWC Enterprises, LLC (theLab Nashville) & Music City Photo Booth. He is the co-owner of theLab Nashville a new creative co-working space that provides a space for creatives and entrepreneurs to network and make their dreams a reality. Also, the co-owner of Music City Photo Booth a mobile photo booth company.

He will launching a national tour called “Teach me how to Fish” a thought provoking workshop that teaches on investing, small business ownership, insurance and much more. You can tune in every Tuesday where he is the co-host of a Podcast called BossTalk.

He is the proud father of Zion Ashton Mundy and the husband to Tabitha Mundy.